How To Remove A Subscription Dollar Bead Box

How Does It Work?

The Dollar Bead Box is offering beads of all kinds: charms, buttons, Czech glass beads, etc. 3 or 6-months plan subscribers are granted a Club Membership with unlimited access to the Dollar Bead Shop at  and may reorder items featured in the subscription boxes for just $1each

Monthly Fees, Billing & Delivery

Subscription Types & Prices

  1. The Dollar Bead Bag Subscription (8 strings of Czech glass beads in every box):
  • Month-to-month: $8/month.
  1. The Dollar Bead Box Subscription (up to 15 items in each box, retail value $60+):
  • Month-to-month: $19.50/month;
  • 3 Months Committed Subscription: $19.50/month; 
  • 6 Months Committed Subscription: $18.50/month.

Billing & Renewal Dates

Your initial order is billed right away after you subscribe. The billing recurs on the same day every following month. All subscriptions renew automatically until canceled.

Shipping Costs

Dollar Bead Box grants free US delivery on committed subscriptions. Month-to-month subscription orders are charged $4.50 extra for delivery within the US. International shipping costs are calculated and added to your total at the checkout.

How To Stop The Recurring Billing?

First of all, you must cancel your subscription. After that, you may make a return or request a refund. All issues concerning the cancellation and refund process are handled by customer support only. 

To get in touch with the customer support, simply email  or fill out the form at

How To Request A Cancellation?
Although you are free to cancel your subscription at any time, mind that the cancellation process may take up to 3 working days and try to complete the cancelation before the next billing date.

  • EMAIL customer support at;
  • PROVIDE the required information ;
  • WAIT for the confirmation email.

Your Club Membership, connected to the canceled subscription will be canceled as well.