How to refund Oh Mother Care Kits

How does an Oh Mother Care Kit work? 

Oh mother Care Kits provide care packages for all stages of motherhood (pregnancy, postpartum, and everything afterward). These mama kits are all Canadian-made (by craftsmen in small batches), contain natural ingredients, and support small businesses (most of which are owned by women). There is a wide variety of products available, including essential oil-infused bath salts, body scrubs, body butters, facial steams/sprays/washes, lip balm, delicious artisan chocolate, loose leaf teas, and much more. 

There are three care packages: 

–  Everyday Mommin’ Care Kit – $99.95, 

– Soon-to-be [Pregnancy] Care Kit – $129.00,  

 – The Expectant Momma Bundle: Includes Soon-To-Be Momma Kit & New Momma Kit – $228.00, 

– New Momma [Postpartum] Care Kit – $129.00. 

You can order care a kit for new mom or any other kit to be shipped directly to you or to the person you wish to receive them. 

Shipping Terms 

The service ships within Canada only via Canada Post. The shipping cost for each individual care kit is $18.95. An Expectant Momma bundle (which consists of two kits: the Soon-To-Be Momma kit and the New Momma kit) ships for $24.95 flat rate. 

Return and Refund Conditions 

Oh Mother Care Kit sales are final. If you receive a damaged box or one that is unusable, please contact their support team at in order to request a refund or return. 

Does Oh Mother Care Kits offer a subscription service? 

There is no Oh Mother Care Kits subscription option anymore. If you are still charged monthly, quarterly or annually, please contact the customer support team at and claim for cancellation or refund.