Craft Chocolate Subscription Box

Craft Chocolate Subscription Box

Standard Cocoa delivers the finest craft chocolate from the trusted US manufacturers right to your door. Every month, subscribers receive a box filled with 3 artisan chocolate bars and including the information about the featured chocolate brands and their production technologies.  The bars presented in subscription boxes are always custom and small-batch, that’s why the size of each particular bar may vary.

What Are The Subscription Costs?

Basic Fees

  • Month-To-Month Subscription: $39.95/shipment; 
  • 3-Months Prepay Subscription: $113.85 one-off ($37.95/shipment);
  • 6-Months Prepay Subscription: $209.70 one-off ($34.95/shipment).

Shipping & Handling

You don’t have to pay any fees in addition to the subscription charges. The only exception is a sales tax that may apply depending on your exact location. 

Does My Subscription Auto-Renew?

3 and 6-months subscriptions do not renew automatically, but they are prepaid full upfront and that’s why can’t be canceled. However, they are transferable, so you can use them as a gift. Once you receive all the boxes, your subscription will expire and you won’t be charged anymore. Month-To-Month subscription is different. It is a monthly renewing one. The payments occur on the anniversary of your sign-up date. Unlike the prepaid ones, it can be canceled anytime.

How To Cancel My Monthly Plan?

If you’ve chosen the Month-To-Month billing option while purchasing a subscription on, your plan is auto-renewing. To get it canceled, you need to turn to the Standard Cocoa customer service:

  • Send an email requesting the cancellation at
  • Follow the given instructions and provide all the required information to the customer service representative;
  • Wait till your cancellation is confirmed. 

Standard Cocoa will send you an email confirming the cancellation. Till you get that email, your subscription remains active and you may still get charged.