How To Refund Num Nums Munch Box

Allergen-Free Goodies 

Num Nums Munch Box is a recurring subscription service delivering a mix of allergy-friendly treats right to your doorstep every 1,3 or 6 months. Each subscription box contains 5 to 25 snacks, selected according to your dietary preferences. Most of the snacks presented in the boxes are hypoallergenic, but you can still customize your subscription, excluding the unwanted ingredients. There are also vegetarian and vegan snack options.

How Much Does A Subscription Cost?

Recurring Payments

The amount of money you’re paying for your subscription depends on the size of the box:

  • Mini Box Monthly Subscription (5 snacks in each box): $12.99;
  • Big Box Subscription (10-12 snacks/box):  
    • Monthly Billed: $25.00;
    • 3-Month Prepaid: $72.00;
    • 6-Month Prepaid: $138.00.
  • Double Box Subscription (20-24 snacks/box): 
    • Monthly Billed: $49.99;
    • 3-Month Prepaid: $143.99;
    • 6-Month Prepaid: $279.00.


Subscription boxes are shipped at no additional charge (within the US only). The boxes are dispatched in the last week of each month.

How To Get a Refund For Subscription Charges?

Unless you’ve chosen a “Gift” option upon sign-up, you will be charged for your subscription automatically every 1,3, or 6 months, depending on your plan. Recurring billing takes place at the beginning of the month following the last month of each subscription cycle. That’s why it is important to cancel your subscription by the end of the ongoing subscription cycle if you want to opt-out of auto-renewal. 

To find out if your eligible for a refund and to learn more about the company’s policies, send an email at or call (708) 581-6867.

How To Cancel The Auto-Renewal?

  • Sign in to your account on;
  • Go to the ‘Active Subscriptions’ section and select ‘Manage Subscription’;
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button and give your reasons for cancellation;
  • Click ‘Confirm’.

Make sure to start a cancellation process a few days before the end of the ongoing subscription cycle.