How To Refund StrideBox

Running Essentials For Beginners And Professionals

Every month, StrideBox sends you a box full of running accessories, gear, and supplements. Each package contains a selection of 4 to 7 items carefully curated to help you improve your performance. Here are a few types of products you can expect to see in your box:

  • Running Gear;
  • Skin & Body Care Products; 
  • Food Supplements;
  • Protein & Energy Bars;
  • Healthy Meal Ideas; and more.

StrideBox cooperates with both famous and lesser-known brands, giving you access to a large variety of products. 

Monthly Charges

Subscription Fees

StrideBox charges you $19.95 monthly for your subscription. This price includes the cost of the box ($15.00) and a $4.95 shipping fee. The charges to your card are made automatically on the 26th of each month. After that, within the first week of the next month, the boxes are dispatched.

International Subscribers

StrideBox doesn’t ship to Canada anymore. But already existing subscribers from Canada will continue to receive their boxes. The subscription price in this case is the same as mentioned above. The fees are charged in US dollars, so mind the currency exchange rates.

Subscription Cancellation & Refund

Your subscription can be canceled anytime. Mind that the boxes scheduled prior to the cancellation will be still sent to you. If you get charged before you complete the cancelation, you won’t be able to get the money back – all sales are final. You can neither return the products in order to get a refund. As you check out with a subscription purchase on you acknowledge that you agree to the company’s refund policy. That’s why the only possible way for you to get the money back is to request a chargeback at your bank.

Cancellation Procedure

To initiate a cancellation:

  • Email StrideBox customer service at with a request to stop your subscription;
  • Provide the required information;
  • Wait till your request is processed.  

In case of successful cancellation, you will receive an email confirmation.