How to stop a Treats Box subscription

Based in Canada, Treats Box offers candy selection boxes available for North America and the UK subscribers. The service claims that they offer top-of-the-line snacks and confectionery delivered straight to your door. A few of these brands include Hershey’s, Cadbury, Christie’s, Wonka as well as new-to-you candies that are only available in Canada. Other promotional items may be sent by suppliers or candy/snack manufacturers in addition to treats. There are three sizes of candy subscription boxes available: 

– Regular (10-12 treats) – $20 

– Epic (20-24 treats) – $38 

– Colossal (32-36 treats) – $55. 

 A subscription box is usually filled with lollipops, hard candies, gum, salty snacks, and chocolate. 

The full assortment is presented at 

Treats box monthly candy subscriptions can be given as gifts. A personalized note can be added during checkout (in the shipping details). 

Shipping terms 

Subscribers to Treats Box receive their sweets subscription boxes on the 5th of each month. Subscription orders are due by the first of the month. 

Please, consider that shipping is not included to your subscription fee. As a rule, it is calculated according to the place of destination and covered by subscribers. 

Return Policy 

Quality inspections have been performed on all products Treats Box ships. It is your agreement to accept confectionery-related products you are not aware of at the time of ordering and receiving them from 

How to stop your subscription 

If you no longer want yourTreats Box subscription, you can cancel it from your account at any time without charge. To opt-out of the next payment, make sure to request a cancelation a few days before the next billing date. 

To start the cancellation process you need: 

– Log in to your Creation Crate account 

– Locate your account settings 

– Cancel your subscription 

If you can’t manage it, try to send a message via live chat or an email.