Cancel my membership Musehere

How can I stop my Musehere subscription? 

Find out how to terminate your Musehere subscription yourself in a couple of clicks. You may be charged as a subscriber to Musehere if you have joined their platform as a full member or didn’t cancel your subscription after a free trial period. In both cases you can terminate your Musehere subscription using our step-by-step guide.  

Cancel through your account 

The easiest way to stop your membership is to do it directly on the website: 

  • Login to your profile page
  • Go to My Account 
  • Click Cancel Membership 

Please, use the same email address you have registered with. In case you don’t remember your email or password, use the recovery page provided at 

Cancel on the website 

Fill out the form at Help Center to apply for express cancellation using “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line. 

I’m having trouble logging in 

Passwords or email addresses can be recovered on their Account Recovery page. For any problems signing in, please search Musehere’s Help Center.  

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