Cancellation and refund of ConcreteVPN services

Why is ConcreteVPN charging me fees? What should I do to get a refund? How can I stop my subscription? Here, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Why did ConcreteVPN charge me a fee? 

If you are reading this, you must have subscribed to ConcreteVPN at ConcreteVPN is a paid VPN service, which offers a free of charge trial period to its subscribers. In the event that you’re not satisfied with the services provided or just changed your mind, you should find out how to end a subscription and do it before the trial period ends. Otherwise, the money will be withdrawn from your account automatically, according to your subscription plan.

What should I do to get my money back?

Many people subscribe to paid services by mistake. If you are one of those who are not ready to pay for VPN services, provided by ConcreteVPN and want to get a refund for them, you need to learn how to end a subscription.

How to stop my subscription?

Fortunately, the ConcreteVPN cancellation procedure is very simple and possible at any time, during the trial period or after it. It can be carried out:

  1. By yourself through your ConcreteVPN account; or
  2. With the assistance of customer support.

Can I end a subscription myself?

Yes, and this is actually the best option. If you know your login and password to your ConcreteVPN account, you’re halfway through it! Here’s what you have to do next:

  • Go to your account settings; 
  • Under ‘Subscription Type’ click or tap ‘Cancel’;
  • Confirm the cancellation on the upcoming page and follow the instructions.

Can customer support stop my subscription?

Customer support service is there to help, in case, for some reason you can not cancel ConcreteVPN subscription by yourself. All you have to do is to apply for assistance by email at or call ConcreteVPN 24/7 technical hotline service to talk to their employee on the phone.

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