Cancel My Membership Mint Mongoose

Mint Mongoose Jewelry Subscription

Exclusive top-quality jewelry customized according to your taste and preferences, -that’s what you get in every MintMongoose subscription box. All boxes are delivered monthly and contain 3-4  jewelry items and special gifts with a total value at least twice higher than the subscription price.

Membership Expenses 

Basic Price 

  1. MintMongoose Regular Membership Plan (3 jewelry items every month + gift every quarter):
  • Monthly $15.99;
  • 3-Months Prepaid $44.97;
  • 6-Months Prepaid $83.94;
  • Yearly Prepaid $155.88.
  1. MintMongoose Black Membership Plan (4 exclusive jewelry items + 2 accessories every month + premium gift every quarter):
  • Monthly $22.99;
  • 3-Months Prepaid $61.99;
  • 6-Months Prepaid $109.99;
  • Yearly Prepaid  $209.99.


There are no shipping fees for all membership programs inside the US. However, there may be additional fees, when your order is shipped internationally. 

Automatic Renewal

All membership plans are renewed automatically on the 20th of the last month of the billing cycle (every month, quarter, 6 months, or a year respectively).

If You Are Not Happy With It

Your membership is not committed and can be canceled anytime and for any reason. The cancellation procedure is pretty simple. You may also pause your subscription and reactivate it later instead of canceling it.

As to the refunds, they are not issued on products that have been already shipped to you, but you can cancel the subsequent shipments and get back the money you’ve paid for them. To this end, get in touch with the customer service via email, providing your order details.

Unsubscribing From MintMongoose

  • Go to and log in to your profile;  
  • Click ‘Manage Subscription’;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ and confirm the cancellation.

In case you experience any problems with cancellation, contact MintMongoose customer support by email and they will provide you with assistance.