Cancel my Indigo Artbox membership

What does Indigo Artbox offer? 

Indigo Artbox is a service offering art crate boxes on a monthly basis through its website located at A subscriber gets: 

– 5+ different art supplies, including special paper and full-size materials for a monthly art project  

– Instructions for a suggested art project 

– 1-2 cards with art inspiration by the featured historical artist 

– Online technique and art history videos for inspiration    

The price of your Artbox depends on the type of your subscription,  starting from $29.99  per box. The supplies of your monthly art box could cost you more than $50 if you were to buy them separately. 

There is also a gift subscription option. During checkout, you may specify how many months you would like to gift and prepay (quantity 6 for 6 months for example, note: maximum 8 months).  

Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew unless you cancel or skip them at checkout, but prepaid and gift subscriptions will not. 

Shipping Policy 

Indigo Artbox subscription boxes are delivered across the US. However, the online store doesn’t accept any orders at the moment. To get more detailed information about their shipping terms, try to address the customer support team at   

Refunds and Returns 

Refunds or returns are not currently offered, but if there is a problem with your order, try reaching out Indigo Artbox customer support. Should your product be damaged, it will be replaced with a new box, but you need to provide the customer support with a snapshot of the damage. In most cases, damaged product returns do not incur shipping fees. When contacting Indigo Artbox at, please indicate how to ship the box. 

How to stop my subscription? 

In order to stop reoccurring billing, you need to cancel your subscription. Here are the steps to follow: 

– Log in to your Account page 

– Locate Manage Subscriptions in the top left-hand corner 

–  Change Your Preferences 

If you have problems with cancellation online, try to get to the customer support service at 

Upon cancellation, previous charges will not be refunded, however you will continue to receive boxes until the subscription term ends. Subscriptions must be canceled by the 20th day of the month.