How To Refund Rent The Runway?

Premium Fashion Rental Service

By purchasing a subscription on you get access to the styles along with the ability to endlessly rotate your wardrobe:

  • choose the items, 
  • wear them until you’re ready to swap, 
  • buy or return the items, and select the new ones. 

You can return the clothing whenever you want, there are no time limits!

Membership Fees

RTR offers 3 Membership Plans:

  • 1 shipment per month (4 items):  $89.00 ($20 off the 1st month);
  • 2 shipments per month (8 items):  $135.00 ($50 off the 1st and the 2nd months);
  • 4 shipments per month (16 items): $199.00 ($50 off the 1st and the 2nd months).

You can add more items to your order for an additional fee. Dry cleaning, sanitizing, and shipping both ways are included in the membership price. However, you’ll have to pay all the applicable taxes and duties.

Company’s Policies


Membership fees are charged automatically every month on the same day as you subscribed to the service.


Your RTR membership will remain active until you cancel it. Cancellations take effect starting from the next billing cycle and thus must be completed before the upcoming billing date.


Along with the membership cancellation, you need to return all the items in your possession by the end of your last paid billing cycle. Otherwise, the full price of these items plus a fine for the unreturned garment bags will be withdrawn from your card.


Rent the Runway refunds no fees, that have been already charged. If you subscribed to it by mistake, you can apply for a chargeback at your bank and try to cancel your membership as soon as possible to avoid future charges.

Membership Cancellation 

To stop the recurring payments:

After the cancellation is done, you can still use the services by the end of the then-current billing cycle.