Cancel my Bouquet Box membership

The Bouquet Box subscription service offers fresh flowers sourced from the Netherlands, South Africa and other places around the world to you or your loved ones in 4 days. Bouquet Box claims that they help save money by getting flowers directly from the farms and in the amount needed for the prepaid bouquets. Subscribers can’t choose a specific color of flowers, so the flower box is always a surprise.

  Membership types and pricing

To sign up to Bouquet Box you need to select how often you want your flowers to arrive at :

  • Weekly – €26 every week;
  • Fortnightly – €27 every two weeks;
  • Monthly – €28 every four weeks.

There is no option for a single purchase.

Shipping Expenses & Additional Fees

You are going to be charged for the first bouquet box immediately after signing up. The next payments will be taken at 8 am two days before the next delivery date. Shipping payments are included into the price of your box. The service ships within the Republic of Ireland on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pausing or Cancelling Process

Each subscription plan covers at least 3 shipments, so if you need to postpone or cancel before the third box is charged, be ready to pay a €10 cancellation fee.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Try to do it, however, no later than 6 days before your next bouquet delivery date to avoid charges. If your card has been billed, the service refunds fully. If you start the cancellation later than the stated day,  your next box will be charged for and shipped to your door. In such case, your membership will be stopped after it. Take into account peak periods as well and try to stop your membership well in advance.

The cancellation process can be initiated in two ways: