Ways and means to stop auto-renewal on ConfidentialVPN

Signing Up To ConfidentialVPN. Subscribing to ConfidentialVPN Service, you specify your payment information and accept the responsibility for monthly recurring charges. Right after the trial period, if not canceled, your subscription enters into force, and ConfidentialVPN starts to charge you money for its services. Learn how to cancel VPN subscription on https://www2.confidentialvpn.net/  without losing money.

Getting The Money Back.  ConfidentialVPN refund policy allows you to get back the money paid for the VPN service within the last 2 months in case if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Send your request via email at support@confidentialvpn.net or by filling out a ticket at https://support.confidentialvpn.net/en-us/requests and wait for the customer support team to approve it. Make sure your subscription is not active, cancel membership before applying for a refund.

How To Cancel VPN Subscription

Your subscription can be canceled in a matter of minutes. Any time you’d decide to stop using ConfidentialVPN, just follow the instructions given below. You may choose any method convenient to you.

Reaching Out To The Customer Support 

Cancel membership, apply for a refund, ask your questions, and apply for assistance turning to the customer service in one of the following ways:

  1. Visit ConfidentialVPN cancellation page https://www2.confidentialvpn.net/cancel, fill out the required fields, and click “Send”.  
  2. Email customer service at support@confidentialvpn.net with your account details and apply for cancellation or/and refund.

From Your Account Page

Here’s how to cancel VPN subscription just in a couple of minutes:

  • Log in to your ConfidentialVPN account; 
  • Open the account settings menu and find your subscription info;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ and confirm the cancellation.

ConfidentialVPN support team will verify your cancellation request and send you a confirmation email. If you haven’t received the confirmation or you need more specific information on how to cancel membership, feel free to call a 24/7 hotline at 39-800-596-840 or 1-646-213-3091.

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