How to remove a Hotel Chocolat subscription

Luxury Chocolate Subscription Box 

The Hotel Chocolat sweet subscription service delivers high-quality chocolate treats from trusted manufacturers right to your door. Every month, subscribers receive a box filled with boxed chocolates, luxury gifts, giant chocolate slabs and much more. The subscription boxes are collected as a surprise crate, so you never know what is inside.  

A subscriber can choose between: 

– Mellow (filled with milk chocolate, caramels, etc.) 

– Dark & High Cacao, Tipsy (boozy chocolate!) 

– Everything if you’d like a mix. 

Each month’s box contains a minimum of four items (average boxes usually contain five) and can be purchased as a one-time purchase or as a two- or three-month subscription. 

There is also a chocolat gift subscription option, but the subscription remains yours and only you can make any additional changes to future deliveries, and you will remain responsible for payment and scheduling. 

Shipping Policy 

Hotel Chocolat has suspended all international deliveries, so the monthly boxes are currently available only within the UK. Hotel Chocolat boxes are delivered on the UK standard delivery terms. The shipping fee is £3.95 for 1 item and £4.95 for 2 or more items provided all items delivered to 1 address. 

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days if you order by 18:00 GMT. For remote parts of the UK and Northern Ireland, such as the Highlands and Islands, an extra day is required. 

Getting a Refund 

You have the right to refund Hotel Chocolat. In the event that you receive goods that do not comply and are damaged or faulted, or if you receive incorrect goods, let the Hotel Chocolat customer service know of the fault, damage or error and arrange a refund, repair, or replacement. Refunding policy of Hotel Chocolat is 14 Calendar Days for full or partial refunds including price reductions. 

How to stop auto-renewal subscription 

Hotel Chocolat Subscriptions can be canceled without additional fees. If you need to stop your subscription, you can do it either online or by contacting their customer services. to cancel your subscription online, please make the following steps: 

– Log in to your Account profile 

– Locate your Account settings 

– initiate the cancellation process. 

If you experience some issues, try to claim for subscription cancellation via: 

– Telephone: 03444 93 23 23 

 – Email: 

– Post: Customer Services, Hotel Chocolat, Mint House Newark Close, Royston, SG85HL