How to stop Wonder Crate subscription

What is Wonder Crate?

Designed for kids ages 7 – 11, the Wonder Crate is a monthly book subscription service offering educational books and activities. The subscription service offers engaging learning material for diverse learners and easy parent guidance. The aim of the subscription service is to motivate kids by telling them the stories of real people who made the world a better place. Based on the NY Times Who Was series, a monthly Wonder Crate box contains:
– a new biography
– hands on activities
– parents’ guide
In addition, a new subscribe receives a reusable tote bag with the first subscription box.  

Subscription Plans 

 There are several subscription plans including:
– Month to Month subscription – $29.95 prepay
– 3 Month Subscription – $83.85 prepay
– 6 Month Subscription – $161.70 prepay
– 12 Month Subscription – $311.40 prepay
There is an automatic renewal on the 25th of each month for every subscription plan. 

Shipping Terms 

Wonder Crate ships internationally and the fee depends on the place of destination:
– $3.95 a month within the continental US
– $10 for all boxes to Canada
– $20 to the rest of the world.  

Refund and Returns 

In the event that your box arrives damaged, unusable, or in some other special case that warrants refund/return consideration, contact the support team at 

Can I stop my subscription? 

The Wonder Crate subscription can be stopped any time without extra fees. If you would like to cancel a subscription, please email Wonder Crate before the 25th of that month for cancelling the next month’s subscription. If you start the cancellation later than the stated day, your next box will be charged for and shipped to your door.