How To Remove A Subscription Modere

SmartShip Programm

Modere company is producing organic beauty products, household chemicals, and food supplements. Choosing a SmartShip option during the checkout  you’re literally subscribing to its services. SmartShip is a Modere membership program allowing you to have the essentials delivered to your door automatically month to month.

How It Works

Price Rates

The cost of your subscription depends on the number of products you order and the price of every particular product (from $6.49 to $99.99 per item). The more you order –  the more discount you get.


Normally, Modere ships all orders at a flat rate of $6.99. However, any extra fees, taxes, and duties applied will be added to the delivery price. If your SmartShip order includes more than 7 items, you’ll be granted free shipping.

Subscription Renewal

All SmartShip plans are renewed automatically. The billing date is chosen by yourself while submitting your first order. 

Not Happy With Modere?

First of all, you need to stop your subscription in your account or by calling the customer service.

After that, you may apply for a refund. There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding the shipping costs) on all Modere products. If you want to get a refund for the products you’ve already received, you need to make a return:

  • Pack each order together with a corresponding invoice in a separate package and send it back to Modere within 30 days from receipt;
  • Call 1-877-663-3731 to authorize the return.

The refunds are processed within a week after the return or a refund request is made.

How To Cancel Modere Membership?

Here’s how to cancel the SmartShip program from your account page:

  • Log in to your Modere Account;
  • Navigate to ‘My Account’ and select ‘SmartShip Profile’;
  • Select ‘Remove’ next to each item in your subscription. 

There’s also an option to get in touch with a Modere representative by telephone  1-877-663-3731 if you need help with cancellation or refund.