How To Stop Subscription MeUndies

Premium Underwear Subscription

MeUndies offers monthly subscriptions for those who appreciate premium quality loungewear. Subscribers can choose between the multiple options, size, style, color, etc. and pick items by themselves every month.

Fees & Expenses 

Subscription Expenses. 

The total price of your subscription depends on which item you choose:

  • Men Underpants $16/month ($8 discount),
  • Women Underpants $14/month ($4 discount), or
  • Socks $8/per month ($4 discount). 

You may choose as many items as you want, but, in this case, you’ll get a separate subscription for each item.

Delivery Fees. Shipment all over the US is free of charge. There is a $3.00 fee added to the cost of orders shipped internationally, to cover the taxes and customs duties.

Auto-Renewal. Your subscription plan will be renewed automatically every month and will not expire unless you cancel it.

Return & Refund Options

You are free to modify, pause, or cancel your subscription anytime. Try to cancel MeUndies membership at least 24 hours before the next billing date, if you are not willing to pay for a subsequent order. You may also send the items back and get refunded for them. All returns are free for US subscribers, but those in Canada will have to pay the return shipping.

To apply for a refund, fill out a ticket within 90 days from delivery. The money-back-guarantee applies only to your first order. All refunds are issued at MeUndies’ sole discretion.


To cancel MeUndies subscription:

  • log in to your account at; 
  • Click ‘Manage Your Pair’;
  • Navigate to ‘Order Settings’ and click ‘End Membership’; 
  • Answer the questionnaire and confirm the cancellation.

If you experience problems with cancellation or want to delete your account completely, reach out to the customer support by calling +1(888)5526775, sending an email request (see the previous section), or via Live Chat on MeUndies website.