How To Stop Subscription Kali

All-Natural Feminine Hygiene Products

Kali offers a monthly delivery of top-quality organic menstrual products right to your door so that you can be sure you won’t run out of tampons or pads anymore. All hygiene products they offer are:

  • non-toxic,
  • organic,
  • sustainable, and 
  • produced from ethically sourced materials .

Each box contains about 15 tampons or pads, 10 wet wipes, and an aromatherapy product. You can manage your box according to your needs, adding more products to your order or adjusting the absorbency of the product you use.

Monthly Charges

Price Of The Box

You’ll have to pay around $16.00-$22.00USD + shipping per month for your Kali Box Subscription, (depending on the type of hygiene product you choose and the quantity of the products in each box). 

Shipping Fees

Kali charges you a flat-rate shipping fee of $2.95USD per delivery. The boxes are currently dispatched within the United States only.

Canceling Subscription And Getting A Refund

Unless you’ve customized your subscription frequency, it will renew on the 19th of every month. Kali subscriptions do not expire automatically, so the renewals will continue to take place until you cancel them. Once you subscribed to Kali, you’ve accepted the fact that all subscription charges are final sale. As the products featured in Kali boxes are hygienic items, you cannot return them and won’t be able to get back the money you’ve paid for them. That’s why it is important to complete the cancellation procedure before the next renewal date.

3-Step Online Cancellation

  • Log in to your customer account on;
  • Open the ‘Subscription Settings’ menu, and 
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button.

The cancellation process is quite easy, but it may take some time for Kali to make changes to your account. Try to make a cancellation a few days before the next renewal. If any problem occurs, feel free to turn to customer support for assistance, filling out a request form on the Contact page