How to stop my subscription Paper Pumpkin

About Paper Pumpkin & Stampin’ Up!

Paper Pumpkin was created by Stampin’ Up! company as a subscription website in order to sell their products (stamps, paper, ink, adhesives, etc.) in kits to create exclusive cards, journal-books, and other paper craft –

Subscription types

Paper Pumpkin offers a monthly subscription at a fixed price of $22 including shipment. All payments are made on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, your card is charged only after the package is shipped.

The pricing of a prepaid subscription is as follows:

  • 1 month $21;
  • 3 months $63;
  • 6 months $114 ($12 economy);
  • 12 months $220 ($32 economy).

This subscription is available only on Stampin’ Up! website and purchased in a one-off payment.

What should be done to stop the automatic billing?

Cancel your subscription. You can also suspend it in case you are not yet sure whether you want to use the service in the future. 

Return the unwanted goods. To do this, you need to contact Paper Pumpkin on the phone. The boxes are exchanged for free within 3 months of the initial shipment date, but if you need a refund, it may be a little more complicated.

Get a refund. Paper Pumpkin does not offer refunds. If you made a mistake subscribing, you can get the money back to your card within 3 days from the purchase. Contact your card issuer to cancel the transaction or to get a chargeback.

How to cancel or suspend a subscription?

You can put your subscription on hold or end it at any time, but we advise you to do this before the 10th of the ongoing month before the next box is shipped:

  •  Log in to Paper Pumpkin;
  • Scroll down ‘my subscription’ page and find ‘Need a break’ section;
  • Next to it, click ‘Suspend or cancel’ ;
  • Select ‘I’d rather cancel my subscription’ on the next page.

Watch how to make changes to your account or cancel it completely:

Paper Pumpkin customer support service is available by email or phone 1-800-STAMP UP