How to stop Driftaway Coffee subscription

Driftaway is an online store offering single bags of coffee as well as subscription plans for coffee lovers. The service gives the opportunity to customize your monthly coffee boxes with the first box. It is called Explorer kit and contains five different tastes of coffee blends to choose from. After you give your feedback on each type of coffee you’ve tasted, the Driftaway team will pick the sorts of coffee similar to those you’ve preferred.

What Are the Subscription Costs?

There are a lot of options making up the final price of your subscription:

  • The addressee (you, an office or another person);
  • Type of coffee (whole beans, ground coffee or cold brews);
  • First Delivery Type (Explorer Kit, Mystery Explorer Kit or Skipping the Explorer Kit);
  • Size of Deliveries following the exploring kit (8 oz, 12 oz, 1Lb or 2Lb);
  • Shipping Frequency (every week, every two weeks or every four weeks).

One more step is to choose your billing frequency:

  • Pay-per-shipment – $16.00 per shipment, $32 per pound;
  • 6-month prepay – $15.20 per shipment, $30.40 per pound;
  • 12-month prepay – $14.40 per shipment, $28.80 per pound.

As soon as your subscription box is customized, the total will be given at the bottom of the subscription page at .

Shipping & Taxes

Driftaway coffee is shipped internationally. Shipping fee is included in subscription price. Taxes may apply.

Can I get a refund?

Prepaid subscription plans can be cancelled and refunded within the first 30 days from purchase. Afterwards refunds are not accepted. There is no return policy as the coffee is a fresh food product.

How to Cancel My Subscription?

  • Go to My Account;
  • Choose Cancel Subscription;
  • Fill in the form.

After your cancellation is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation message. If any problem occurs, please email