Cancel my Enchanted Crystal membership

Subscribers to Enchanted Crystal receive a monthly selection of crystal and minerals from around the world. There are various untreated crystal varieties available in a monthly box, including points, wands, clusters, etc. sometimes you can get polished or shaped crystals or minerals as well. Handpicked specimens are selected for their beauty and uniqueness. 

There are two subscription plans available at 

– Crystal Variety Box – A collection of 4 – 6 crystals or minerals and hand-printed grid for $42 per month 

– Crystal of the Month – Crystal or Mineral Specimen 

(May Include a Set of Multiple Specimens) + Educational Information Included + Bonus Mini Crystals or Minerals for $16 per month. 

By subscribing, you are opting into a membership that will charge you monthly. A new subscriber will be billed immediately. Afterward, your subscription will renew on the 15th of each month, in advance of your next shipment. 

Shipping and Delivery 

All crystal subscription boxes come with free shipping for the US subscribers. Shipping to Canada is a flat $10 charge for all orders. Across the globe, all shop and subscription orders are subject to a flat shipping charge of $15. 

The 5th and 8th of the month are usually the days of shipping, depending on whether they are weekends or holidays. It should take 2-5 business days for your box to arrive after shipping. In most cases, international shipments will take up to two weeks to arrive. 

How to get a refund? 

Generally, subscription boxes cannot be refunded once they have been shipped. In most months, this happens between the 5th and 8th of the month, depending on the volume. Refunds can be requested within 5 calendar days of being billed if your subscription has already renewed. You can request a refund by clicking “Submit a Request” or emailing 

How to stop my Enchanted Crystal membership 

No cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to stop your subscription at any time. To initiate the unsubscribing process, follow the steps: 

– log in to  

– locate your Subscription Option 

– Pick the Cancel button. 

As soon as your next renewal is due, your cancellation will go into effect.