How To Remove A Subscription To HideMySurf

How Does The Subscription Work?

Subscribing To A Paid Service. As you subscribe to HideMySurf, you provide a payment method and agree that the fees will be withdrawn from your card every month. If you won’t cancel your subscription during the trial period, HideMySurf will assume you are happy with the service and start charging you for it. So how to remove a subscription on and is it possible to get the money back?

Unsubscribing And Getting A Refund. The subscription cancellation can be done anytime just in a few clicks. Dont forget to complete it before the next payment date to avoid further money withdrawals. How to refund money? Very simple as well! Any transaction, made within the last 60 days is eligible for a refund! Leave your request on the HideMySerf service email and wait for the confirmation notice.

Cancellation Guide

There are two main ways of how to remove a subscription:

With The Help Of Customer Service 

Using this method, you can not only cancel your subscription but also get information on how to refund money. To get in touch with customer support:

  1. Use quick cancellation service on the HideMySurf Website. Just fill the required fields on or and click “Submit”.  
  2. Send an email to, mentioning your account details (if you remember them).

Through Your HideMySurf Account

Here’s how to remove a subscription in a matter of minutes:

  • Go to HideMyBox website and log in to your account; 
  • Under the account settings menu, locate your subscription status;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ next to it and take the suggested steps to confirm the cancellation.

HideMySurf team will check your data and confirm the cancellation by email. Without this confirmation, your subscription is considered to be active. Feel free to call 44-203-514-0376 or 1-347-778-2529 if you have questions on how to refund money and close your account.

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