How To Remove A Subscription LUXSB

LUXSB Luxury Scent Box

With LUXSB you have an opportunity to try perfumes from the well-known and exclusive brands. Subscribers receive a new fragrance in convenient travel-size vial (9ml) each month and a new perfume case monthly for Premium or quarterly for Standard membership plans.

Subscription Service Conditions

Subscription Periods & Prices

  • Monthly Standard Subscription: $15.00/ month; 
  • Monthly Premium Subscription: $20.00/ month;
  • Yearly Standard Subscription: $165/ year;
  • Yearly Premium Subscription: $198/ year;
  • 3-Months Gift Subscription: $45.00; 
  • 6-Months Gift Subscription: $90.00;
  • 12-Months Gift Subscription: $165.00.

Payments & Billing

Yearly and gift subscriptions are prepaid full upfront. Monthly Subscriptions are billed every month on the same day as the first payment was made. Regular monthly or yearly subscriptions are automatically renewed. Gift subscriptions are not renewed and expire after the subscription period comes to an end.

Delivery Costs

LUXSB grants free shipping all over the U.S. for all orders. Normally, the boxes are delivered within 7-10 days after the billing.

Subscription Cancellation

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. If you manage to cancel your subscription before the next billing date, you won’t be charged anymore and your membership will be deactivated starting from the next month.

Cancellation of yearly and gift subscriptions is possible, but you’re won’t be able to get your money back as LUXSB follows no refund policy. You may contact your bank or any specialized refund-helping service instead.

How To Cancel Scent Box 

  • Log in to your account on;
  • Click on the ‘Account’ button, 
  • Navigate to the ‘Membership Options’ and select ‘Cancel’. 

 If you’re not sure whether you want to cancel your subscription, there’s also an option to put it on hold. Contact LUXSB customer support by filling out a request form on if you have any further questions.