How to refund Sweet Sparkle

Sweet Sparkle offers a savvy way to create your personal look with their subscription boxes. Each box contains full-sized beauty products chosen under curation of beauty experts. The official website of the Sweet Sparkle service is also an online shop, so you can have a look at their assortment at 

Subscription Charges 

There are four subscription plan to choose from: 

  • Monthly Subscription Plan – $24.50 per month ( $24.50 billed every month). 
  • 3-Month Subscription Plan – $23.50 per month  ( $70.50 billed every 3 months). 
  • 6-Month Subscription Plan – $22.50 per month  ( $135 billed every 6months). 
  • 12-Month Subscription Plan – $23.50 per month  ( $70.50 billed every 3 months). 

These subscription plans are renewable. By choosing a subscription plan, you are agreeing to pay either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. After your subscription expires, it will be automatically renewed for another fixed term of the same length. 

Shipping & Taxes 

The Sweet and Sparkle service ships internationally and free of charge if the order is based on a subscription. Additional shipping information is provided at the official website. Shipping takes about 2-4 weeks for international deliveries and mainly depends on the place of destination. The company usually emails the tracking information.  

Cancellation And Refund Policy 

The service doesn’t offer refunds, though you can contact the customer service for assistance in case some items are damaged or missing. 

If you have decided to stop your subscription at Sweet Sparkle and discontinue the recurring changes, you need to start the cancellation process. For this purpose, choose one of the given options: 

  1. Log in to your account at  and follow the given instructions to proceed the cancellation. 
  1. Contact the Sweet Sparkle customer support with their Contact Us form. 

Please, note that your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle if you have already been charged for a subscription box.