How to refund Akamai

Akamai Basics is an eco-friendly subscription service for personal care products that avoids synthetic ingredients and utilizes the least amount of ingredients and products. A subscription to their Essentials Kit is sent every 60 days, and each kit contains: 

– two 3-in-1 Bars (for body, shave, and hair), 

– Mineral Toothpaste, 

– Skin Fuel (for body, shave, and hair). 

The Natural Oral Care subscription fee starts at $33.00 and doesn’t cover packaging or shipping costs. 

By subscribing, you consent to be billed on a regular basis. Billing will begin immediately for a new subscriber. The subscription will then automatically renew in advance of the next shipment. 

Shipping Policy 

The following options are available for orders shipped within the continental United States: 

– A flat rate shipping charge of $7.95 is applicable 

– Free shipping is available on all orders over $60 

The following services are available for orders shipped to Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands: 

– One-time flat-rate shipping of $9.95 

– Free shipping is available on all orders over $75 

USPS is the carrier of choice for all orders. 

Getting a Refund 

It is possible to request a refund or store credit if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a Natural Oral Care item you purchased. The details are as follows: 

– Your order will be refunded or replaced if there was an error, or any item was damaged. 

– In the event you are unhappy with your used item, Akamai can issue a store credit that can be used toward your next purchase. 

– Refunds are available for unopened and unused merchandise that is returned to Akamai warehouse. 

There is a 45-day return policy. 

How to stop auto-renewal subscription 

In order to cancel your subscription, you must follow these steps: 

– Sign in to your account at using the email address you used to create it. 

 – Select “Manage Subscriptions  

– Go to the right side of the screen and click “”Manage Subscription”” 

– You will find an option to “”Skip Shipment”” (this will move your shipment to the next scheduled date) or to “”cancel my subscription”” at the bottom on the left-hand side of the page. 

To cancel your subscription, click on the link “”cancel my subscription”” then select the reason for cancelling, click “”proceed””, then click “”cancel my subscription”” and you are done.