How To End My Membership On SurgeVPN

SurgeVPN Membership Terms

  • Starting a trial on you not only get one-week free access to a premium-quality VPN connection but also accept the responsibility for all further charges if you won’t cancel the trial.
  • The amount of money, withdrawn from your card monthly, depends on the membership plan you’ve chosen during sign up and amounts for  €17.95, €23.50, or €88.50 accordingly. All plans renew automatically and are unlimited in time.
  • If SurgeVPN doesn’t meet your expectations and you want to stop using it, your membership plan needs to be canceled. In the next section “How Do I Cancel SurgeVPN?”, you’ll find a detailed cancellation guide.
  • If you want to get your money back, send a refund claim to the customer support. To do so, go to, fill out the required fields, and click “Submit”.

How Do I Cancel SurgeVPN?

In this section, we’ll have a detailed look at the cancellation options. Be sure to cancel before the next billing date in order to avoid being billed for the following month.

Express Cancellation In Your Account

If you wonder, “How can I end my membership without sharing my personal data with customer service?”, here’s what you can do:

  • Go to SurgeVPN home page, click “Login” and sign in to your account;  
  • Navigate to the account settings and find your membership data;
  •  Click‘Cancel’ and follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

Cancellation Through Customer Support

Get assistance in the cancellation process by submitting a request at SurgeVPN professionals will do the rest. If you can’t remember your account details, use the following form, putting “End My Membership” as a subject. Once your membership is canceled, you’ll get a confirmation notice. 

Still asking yourself, “How do I cancel my membership?”. Call SurgeVPN 24-hour accessible line +44-203-514-3537 or +1-646-851-2245.

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