How to end my membership FieryVPN

 Terms of FieryVPN Use  

FieryVPN provides members with protection against snooping, interference, and censorship online. An easy-to-use application and high-speed connectivity are the highlights of the service. As a subscriber to FieryVPN, you are protected online and your privacy is safeguarded. 

Getting a Refund 

FieryVPN refund policy allows you to get back the money paid for the VPN service within the last 2 months in some cases. Send your request by filling out a ticket at Help Center and be sure to get an immediate response.  

How To Cancel VPN Subscription 

Your subscription can be canceled in a matter of minutes. Any time you decide to stop using FieryVPN, just follow the instructions given below. You may choose any method convenient to you. 

Cancel membership, ask your questions, and apply for assistance turning to the customer service in one of the following ways: 

  • Visit FieryVPN help center page, fill out the required fields, and click “Send”.   

Manage your subscription From Your Account Page 

  1. login to your profile page  
  2. Go to My Account 
  3. Click Cancel Membership 

FieryVPN support team will verify your cancellation request and send you a confirmation email. 

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