How to cancel a subscription and get a refund for ExecVPN

Why do I have to pay for ExecVPN? How can I get a refund on VPN services? Is it possible to close my account on In this article, we will take a quick look at the most frequently asked questions.

Can I use ExecVPN for free? 

First of all, ExecVPN is a paid VPN service. However, if you are a subscribed user, you have a chance to try it for free during the trial period. Those who keep using the service after the trial period, are supposed to pay a monthly fee due to their membership plan. Find out how to end a free trial before you get charged.

How to end a free trial? 

During the trial period, those who are not satisfied with the ExecVPN services or just not ready to pay for it, are able to end a subscription without paying any fees. In case, you subscribed to paid VPN services by mistake and want to stop your trial asap, you need to unsubscribe and close your account. 

What are the ways to close my account?

It doesn’t really matter if you want to do this during the trial period or after it, you’re able to do it at any time. Therefore, you’ve got two options:

  1. To do it yourself through your account; or
  2. To ask ExecVPN for assistance.

How do I cancel the membership myself?

You can do a cancellation online. This option is faster and more convenient than the other one. If you know your account details and have no problem logging in, you’re already halfway through the cancellation procedure! Here’s how to end a free trial:

  • Go to ‘Account settings’ and find ‘Subscription Type’;
  • Click or tap ‘Cancel’ at the left part of the screen;
  • Click or tap ‘Continue to Cancellation’ on the next page; and 
  • Follow step-by-step instructions.

Can ExecVPN help to close my account?

If for any reason you can not do this by yourself, you need to apply for help. Just write an email to or call hotline phone numbers +44-203-608-6652 or +1-646-862-1980 to get assistance with the cancellation. 

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