Cancel my Muscle Crate membership

Muscle Crate offers its members a wide selection of fitness products to motivate them on their way to a healthy lifestyle. A Muscle Crate  subscription box contains a variety of fitness items featured at their official website at 


–  gear items 

– snacks 

–  new types of protein powders 

– pre-workouts 

– BCAA’s 

– fat burners. 

Each month you get a new selection of curated items.  

 The fitness subscription service claims that the items in a monthly box are worth over £40. The subscription fee is £ 29.99. 

The Muscle Crate subscription is auto-renewal, so you will get billed monthly until you cancel your membership.  Upon signing up for a subscription, the subscriber will be billed right away. Your subscription will then be renewed on the 25th of every month, prior to your next shipment. 

Shipping Terms 

Muscle Crate ships internationally. Monthly boxes are shipped on the 27th. New subscribers joining between 26th-18th will receive their first box within 2-3 days. You will receive an email confirmation once your box has shipped, along with a tracking number. Delivery costs are usually displayed at the checkout. 

Refunds and Returns 

There are no refunds for subscription payments unless there is a system error. If you wish to cancel your subscription and you have already been charged, you will still receive the current month’s box even if you cancel your subscription. 

Returns are applicable if you encounter any of these issues: 

– Incorrect order received 

– Incorrect item purchased 

– Damaged in transit 

– Faulty item 

– Duplicate order 

In such cases, contact the Customer support team to raise the issue and claim for a return. 

How to cancel your subscription: 

In the event you wish to cancel your subscription, please make sure to do so before your next fitness crate ships out. To start your cancellation: 

– Login to the My Account area 

– Select the Subscription tab on the left. 

– Change your subscription status from “Active” to “Pending Cancellation”. 

Your subscription will then automatically be updated to “Canceled” prior to your next renewal date.