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Sustainable Household And Lifestyle Products

Grove’s Collaborative is a monthly subscription service offering top-quality eco-friendly natural products. Making a purchase on, you get automatically enrolled in a subscription program and a VIP Membership trial. You can also delete the products from your cart, add the new ones, or cancel the upcoming order anytime before your next box is shipped out. 

How Much It Costs


The cost of your subscription box depends on the price of the products you put into your cart. The price of each order should be not less than $25.00 USD.

VIP Membership

For just $19.99 USD per year VIP program allows you to get:

  • free US shipping on all orders;
  • 4 gift items yearly;
  • unlimited access to promotions and giveaways.


For VIP club members, shipping is free. Basic plan subscribers will have to pay a $4.99 USD shipping fee for each order under $49.00 USD.


You will get billed for your Grove Subscription Box every month. VIP Memberships, in turn, are billed only once a year. You will be notified by email before each billing.

How To Opt Out Of Recurring Charges

Grove Subscription can be canceled at any time. Cancel at least one day before the next billing date, to avoid the charges. VIP Membership can’t be canceled early. The cancellation will become effective starting from the next billing cycle. If you cancel your VIP membership during the 60-days trial period, you’ll have to pay the applicable shipping fees together with your next order. Both Membership and Subscription fees are not subject to a refund. 

How To Cancel Grove’s Collaborative

To stop your subscription: 

  • Log in to your Grove’s account; 
  • Go to the ‘My Shipments’ section; and 
  • Select ‘Pause Auto-Shipments’.

To cancel your account completely, request a VIP Membership cancellation, or in case you have any problem canceling your subscription online, reach out to customer support by email at or simply call 1-844-476-8375