Cancel My Membership Club SciKidz

What Do The Subscribers Get?

Club SciKidz is a monthly subscription service, designed to help the kids explore the world of science and technology. Every month subscribers receive a new science kit packed with lab supplies and tutorials necessary for carrying out the experiments and projects. Each box is themed to a specific topic – mechanics, computer science, nutrition, etc.

Membership Charges & Additional Costs

Recurring Charges

Club SciKidz Box offers the following subscription plans:

  • Month-To-Month Subscription Plan: $39.95;
  • 3-Months Prepaid Subscription Plan: $110.85 ($36.95 per month);
  • 6-Months Prepaid Subscription Plan: $209.70 ($34.95 per month);
  • 12-Months Prepaid Subscription Plan: $395.40 ($32.95 per month).

Once you purchase a subscription, you will be billed immediately upon checkout. The following payment s will be charged to your card automatically on the 15 of the last month of your subscription cycle.

Shipping Costs

US residents don’t have to pay any extra shipping fees. International orders, in contrast, are charged $10.59 per package.

How To Stop The Unwanted Billing

Your SciKidz Membership will continue until you cancel it. You can do this whenever you like, but there are a few things to know. You have to cancel your subscription at least 15 days before the subscription renewal if you want to avoid being charged again. Furthermore, SciKidz does not accept returns. That’s why you must also cancel the upcoming orders before they are shipped out if you want to have your money back. To apply for a refund, get in touch with the customer support via email

Membership Cancellation Process

To carry out a cancelation:

  • Go to  and log in to your account; 
  • Open the account settings and locate the subscription data;
  • Click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Cancel’;
  • Confirm the cancelation. 

If your cancellation is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Please contact if you need assistance.