Cancel my Doggie Lawn membership

Doggie Lawn is an environmentally-friendly solution for pet owners. Basically, this is a litter box that will serve as a dog potty indoors. This is a monthly subscription plot with natural grass. It uses natural grass and is completely disposable, so it does not require maintenance and is biodegradable.  You can choose from four different lawn sizes: 

– The standard size (24 x 16″) is designed for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds – $31.20. 

– The medium size (24 x 20″) is suitable for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds – $32.20. 

– The large size is suitable for dogs up to 50 pounds and measures 24 x 24 inches -$35.95. 

– The XL size (24 x 48″) is designed for dogs over 40 pounds or for dogs with multiple dogs – $40.70. 

Cancellations are available at any time. Lawn trays for XL sizes are sold separately. A subscriber can choose the frequency of deliveries and the duration of the subscription plan. In accordance with the frequency you select, your card will be charged on or around your anniversary date. Renewals are automatic.  

Shipping and Delivery 

Dog potty grass by Doggie Lawn is shipped within the contagious US only. If the order is worth $49 or contains indoor doggy grass, the delivery is free.  Once your grass pads box is shipped, you will get a notification with the tracking number and shipping details.  

Return Policy 

Your subscription сan be cancelled any time without extra fees. The DoggieLawns you’ve already paid for will be delivered to you in any case, but your subscription will not be renewed. No returns are accepted.  It is not possible to refund automatic recurring payments. If your Doggie Lawn Send came damages, send an email to within 48 hours of delivery along with a picture to report the incident to claim an exchange. 

How to stop my membership? 

Please, follow the steps below to cancel your subscription: 

– login to your DoggieLawn account 

– click the orange Manage button next to your subscription 

– locate the cancellation button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

You may also email dog potty grass subscription at with your reason for cancellation and they will process it.”