How to stop the Stickii Club subscription

Variety of stickers and accessories 

A monthly delivery of stationary, stickers and accessories is available at STICKII Club on a subscription basis. The Stickii Club offers subscriptions as well as the option to buy individual collections. You can view new collections before they sell out by visiting the website, as they update it frequently with new products. Subscription boxes are thematically and respond to a certain style: 

  • Cute Pack; 
  • Vintage Pack; 
  • Pop Pack. 

Each type of boxes costs $10 per month and contains: 

  • 6+ sticker sheets; 
  • 3+ stationery pieces; 
  • 1 storage insert. 

A subscriber can also get all three styles for $30 per month. 

Shipping Charges 

STICKII Club doesn’t cover shipping charges, on average the shipping Rates are as following: 

  •  U.S.: $1 per pack; 
  •  Canada: $2.5 per pack; 
  •  International: $3 per pack. 

There isn’t any possibility to track your order. 

Billing Cycle 

The first payment of your subscription will post immediately after midnight on the day you sign up (that’s one minute after 11:59pm on the 27th! ); all other payments post one minute after midnight on the 28th of each month. 


Try to cancel your subscription before the next billing period. If you fail to do so, you may get charged once more. If you cancel after your subscription has renewed on the 28th, you’ll still receive this month’s pack, but it won’t renew for any following months. If you cancel before renewal, you won’t receive an upcoming pack or be billed for any others. 

To stop your subscription, follow the given below steps: 

  • Log into your account at; 
  •  click Manage Subscriptions; 
  •  pick the subscription you want to edit; 
  • click Edit; 
  • go to the Next Renewal section; 
  • select Cancel. 

If you have any problems with cancelation of your subscription online, try to contact the Stickii Club team at