How To Stop Subscription Korea Box

Subscription Box Contents

Korea Box is a monthly recurring subscription service offering top quality cosmetic products and snacks from Korea, along with the newly released K-Pop albums and customized merchandise produced in Korea and impossible to be found in your local store.

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription Options

  • K-Pop Subscription: $29.99/month (Korean pop and drama related merchandise);
  • K-Pop Album Subscription: $34.99/month (1 CD + gift items);
  • K-Snack Subscription (Regular) : $17.99/month (5-8 full-size snacks);
  • K-Snack Subscription (Premium): $30.99/month (12-15 full-size snacks +1 non-edible gift item);
  •  K-Beauty Subscription (Mini):  $26.99/month  (2-3 full-size cosmetic products + samples);
  • K-Beauty Subscription (Regular): $49.99/month (5-7 full-size cosmetic products + samples);
  • K-Mask Subscription:  $22.99/month (10 sheet masks).

Shipping Policy

Korea Box grants free worldwide shipping. The shipping costs are paid by subscribers only in case if the package is returned to Korea Box due to an incorrect recipient address.

What Is Auto-Renewal And How To Stop It?

Your subscription is automatically extended every month, on the same day as your initial payment was made. If you subscribed to Korea Box at the end of the month (29th to 31st), your billing date will be moved to the 1st of the subsequent month.

Once your card is charged with the monthly subscription fee, you are not eligible for any refunds from KoreaBox and not able to cancel the upcoming shipment. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel your subscription before the next billing date.

Cancellation Step By Step

As soon as you decide to cancel your subscription on

  • Write a short email request and type “Cancel” in a subject line; 
  • Send it at using your registered email address or mentioning it in the body text of your email;
  • Korea Box’s support team will get back to you as soon as possible to give you further instructions and complete the cancellation process for you.