How To Remove A Subscription BullyMake

Indestructible Toys For Aggressive Chewers

BullyMake is a monthly subscription service offering premium-quality durable toys and healthy treats for your dog. Upon signup, you can choose either a regular subscription box (2-3 toys and 3 full-size treats) or a “Toys Only” box (4-5 toys). Not satisfied with your subscription and keep asking yourself, “How do I cancel BullyMake box?” Below, you can find the answers.

Billing & Fees

Basic Subsription Costs

  • Monthly Subscription: $39.00/ box; 
  • Quarterly Prepaid Subscription: $108.00 ($36.00/box);
  • Semi-Annually Prepaid Subscription: $204.00 ($34.00/ box);
  • Annually Prepaid Subscription: $372.00 ($31.00/ box).

Additional Fees

Canadian subscribers will have to pay $8.00 extra for each delivery. Shipping within the US is free of charge. Any taxes, duties, and other shipping-related fees are paid by the customers.

Subscription Renewal Date & Cancellation Terms

Your subscription will renew automatically, no matter which billing option you’ve chosen. Every month or every 3,6, or 12 months, as your prepaid period comes to an end, your subscription will be extended for the same period. If you want to stop the automatic renewals, you have to request the subscription cancellation at least 1 business day before the next renewal date. Mind that BullyMake does not issue any refunds on payments that have already been made. All sales are final. If you’re not sure when your renewal date is or have any other questions on how to cancel BullyMake box, please contact customer support for assistance.

How To Cancel My Bullymake Subscription?

Since online cancellation on is not available, to cancel BullyMake subscription you have to contact customer support. You can do this either

Please remember to include a request to cancel your subscription and provide your full name and email address associated with your account.