How to refund Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids is a service focused on children aged 4 – 14+. They are a subscription-based cooking club delivering cooking kits monthly to your door. A Raddish Kids monthly box contains 3 recipe guides with illustrations, culinary skill cards, a kitchen project and kitchen tools appropriate for kid’s age. There are also additional complimentary items coming along with certain types of subscription plans. There are also additional materials and digital lesson plans available at for club members.  

Subscription Terms 

To be a member of the Raddish Kids Club, you agree to be re-charged automatically at the end of your previous subscription period. 

There are a few subscription plans to choose from: 

  • Monthly – $24 per kit paid once a month; 
  • 3-month – $24 per kit; total $72 paid upfront. A free apron is included. 
  • 6-month – $22 per kit; total $132 paid upfront. A free apron is included. 
  • $12-month – $20 per kit; total $240 paid upfront. A free apron is included. 

Terms of Delivery 

Shipping within US is free. International shipping costs $7 USD per month. First kit is delivered within 1 -3-business days. 

Refund Policy 

Raddish Kids doesn’t provide any refunds or exchange. . If you faced any problems with your order, try to contact the customer support service by contact form at 

How to Stop Auto-renewing charges? 

Your subscription will renew automatically  at the end of the current subscription cycle between the 26th and 28th. The subscription auto-renewal can be canceled anytime, but the ongoing subscription cycle cannot be refunded. If you ‘ve subscribed to the service by mistake or did not manage to cancel your subscription in time and got charged again, please consider turning to your bank to apply for a chargeback. 

To stop your club membership, please follow the instructions given below: 

Sign in to your Raddish Kids account; 

Go to the Memberships page and click the Edit button on the right side. 

Click Cancel My Renewal button, then Continue button; 

Confirm your cancellation by clicking the correspondent button. 

The prepaid kits cannot be refunded, so you will continue to receive them until the end of your current subscription period.