How to refund Moink Box

Moink delivers meat boxes that are ethically sourced. You can choose from: 

– wild-caught salmon, 

– grass-fed beef, 

– pasture-raised pork, 

– grass-fed lamb,  

– pasture-raised chicken options.  

The meat subscription service claims that there are no antibiotics, growth hormones, altered colors or any solutions in their highest quality meat subscription produce as they source it from sustainable and ethical farmers. However, the Moink Box meat hasn’t been certified as organic.  

An average Moink meat box costs about $159 as often as you state during the checkout. There are a number of items commonly found on their online menu that include the following: 


– Ground Beef 

– Chuck Roast 

– NY Strip Steak 

– Stew Meat 


– Breakfast Sausage 

– Pork Chops 

– Pork Sausage 

– Shoulder Steak 

– Poultry 


– Chicken Wings 

– Chicken Thighs 

– Chicken Drumsticks 

– Chicken Breast 


– Sockeye Salmon Fillet 

– Wild-caught salmon 

The subscription is auto-renewal until you cancel it. 

Shipping Terms 

The Moink Box home delivery is available for each of the 48 contiguous states. Each and every delivery is shipped free of charge across the US.  Delivery can be scheduled for any week, but not on a particular day. Shipments are made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It may depend on the UPS routing that the day your box goes out varies week to week. In most cases, UPS delivers two to three days later. 

How to get a refund? 

Every piece of produce Moink box sells comes with a guarantee, and they’ll offer you a refund or replacement on your next order if it’s not perfect. Refunds are processed as quickly as possible, usually the same day Moink Box agrees that a refund is necessary. If it is a credit, it will appear immediately on your account. In the case of a refund to your credit card, it will take between two and ten days. 

How can I stop my subscription? 

To cancel your account, please, follow the below given instructions: 

– click My Account, 

– choose Account Settings, 

– select Cancel Account. 

Closing your account does not cancel an order that has already been billed. If you would like to stop the pending shipment, please contact customer service. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be intercepted.