How To Refund Bitters & Bottles

What Is Club B&B

Club B&B is a membership program by Bitters Bottles offering the quarterly delivery of unique alcoholic beverages from the best distilleries all around the world to your door. The spirits you get are often single-barrel or limited-edition. Packages may contain 1 to 3 bottles of bitters and spirits, cocktail recipes, and bonus items. Club members are always the first ones to try the new releases.

Membership Costs

B&B Club Types

  • Whiskey Club: $80-$100/ quarter (1 bottle each season);
  • Gin & Treats Club: $65-$85/ quarter (1 bottle + gift item quarterly);
  • Rum Club: $70-$80/ quarter (1 bottle each season);
  • Negroni Club: $95-$115/ quarter (a new recipe + ingredients quarterly);
  • Old Fashioned Club: $65-$95/ quarter (a new recipe + ingredients quarterly).

Shipping Expenses

The packages are shipped within California only for a $12.99 fee. Club members also have an option to pick up their bottles in a physical store at no additional charge.

How To Refund The Charges

As long as your club membership remains active, it will automatically renew every quarter. To stop the recurring charges, you need to deactivate your membership (See the section below to find out how to cancel your club membership). Remember to start the cancellation procedure a couple of days before the next auto-renewal date, as the membership charged are difficult to refund. To learn more about the Bitters & Bottles refund policies and find out if you can get your money back, email or call 650 741 6430. If their customer service isn’t helpful, you can always turn to your bank and apply for a chargeback.


Online Cancellation Step By Step

You can cancel easily your subscription at any time on

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Bitters & Bottles customer service at