How to get money back from Amora coffee

For what do I pay?

Amora Coffee is an online shop selling unique coffee blends. Subscribed members receive 2 pounds of coffee at their choice, delivered by Priority Mail® automatically every month.

How much is a subscription billed?

You can get your first coffee bag just for $1, but thereafter your card will be charged at a regular price. The full subscription cost is $67.75, including $14.95 for each of 4 coffee bags and $7.95 for delivery. However, the amount of coffee and the frequency of shipments can be easily changed according to your preferences.

How to cancel unwanted bills?

If a standard subscription price is beyond your purse, you can change or pause your membership plan by calling the customer support hotline or by logging into your account on In case you don’t like Amora Coffee at all and want to waive their services, you should do the following:

Cancel your subscription 

You should do this anyway, whether you want to apply for a refund or not. The cancellation process is quite easy and won’t take long. A detailed cancellation guide is provided below.

Get a refund

Amora Coffee ensures that any return completed no later than 30 days after the purchase will be fully refunded. If the refund isn’t full or isn’t issued at all, you can:

  • apply for a Chargeback; or
  • turn to online Services, able to help with a refund

How do I cancel my Amora Coffee account?

If you have found no information on how to cancel Amora Coffee online, don’t worry, that stands to reason that the subscription can be canceled only by calling the customer service.

  • Call 1-855-642-6672
  • Talk to the employee and tell him you want to cancel your account;
  • Provide him your details and wait until the cancellation is completed.

Technical service assistance is available daily from 9 am to 5 pm, except weekends and public holidays. If you have any questions, related to this topic, please contact