How To Cancel A Subscription And Get A Refund From AgileVPN

Subscription Terms & Conditions

  • Trial. Subscribing to AgileVPN, you get one-week access to a high-speed VPN connection on a trial basis. During this period, you may get an idea of the service quality and decide if you want to continue using it. 
  • Fees. AgileVPN is a paid service. If you won’t cancel your trial, you’ll start being charged for it in the amount of up to €88.50 monthly, depending on your subscription plan.
  • Cancellation. To stop the money withdrawals and to be able to apply for a refund you need to cancel your subscription. See the next section for more detailed information on how to end a subscription. 
  • Refund. After a successful subscription cancellation, you may claim a refund for payments done within the last 8 weeks. Fill out a ticket at and click “Submit”. Your claim will be processed within a few days.

How To Stop My Subscription

Your AgileVPN subscription can be canceled anytime either by yourself through your account on or by a customer support representative.

Quick Cancellation Through Your Account 

This is the fastest way on how to end a subscription, but it is suitable only for those who remember their account details.

  • Log in to your profile on AgileVPN website;  
  • Open the account settings;
  • Find information about your active subscriptions;
  • Choose the one you want to stop and click ‘Cancel’.

Requesting Assistance

To reach out to the customer support for assistance in the cancellation process, submit a request at, or Writing “Stop My Subscription” in the subject line will help your request to be processed and approved faster. After that, you will get a confirmation email. 

In case you still have questions on how to end a subscription or any issues with the cancellation process, call the 24/7 customer service hotline at 44-203-318-4227 or 1-302-261-9268.

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