Cancellation and refund CloverVPN

CloverVPN Subscription Terms

Trial Period & Subscription Charges. Subscribing to CloverVPN Service, you receive one week of a high-speed VPN connection on a trial basis. This period is meant for you to get an idea of how the service works and decide for yourself if it worth the money. If you won’t cancel your CloverVPN subscription, you’ll start being charged for it. To stop the charges, follow the instructions under “How To Cancel My Subscription” below.

Cancellation & Refund. Before applying for a refund, make sure your subscription is canceled. If you don’t know how to remove subscription, see the next section. To send a refund request, fill out a ticket at no later than 8 weeks after the payment. The support team will process it and issue a refund to your card within a few days.

How To Cancel My Subscription

Cancel your CloverVPN either from your account page or with the help of the customer support team. Choose the method that suits you better and follow the instructions given below. Be sure to complete the cancellation procedure before the next billing date.

Quick Cancellation From Your Account Page

Among the ways of how to remove a subscription, this is the fastest one. All you need is an internet connection and your account details:

  • Log in to your profile at;  
  • Go to the account settings;
  • Locate your active subscription; and
  • Click ‘Cancel’.

Reaching Out For Assistance

Submit a written request for the cancellation at, or In the subject line, please write ‘Cancel My Subscription’. CloverVPN will approve your request, cancel your subscription and send you a confirmation by email. 

If you have more questions on how to remove subscription or experience difficulties in the cancellation and refund process, don’t hesitate to call a 24/7 hotline at +39-800-684-387 or +1-510-738-2934.