Cancel my Vitl membership

VITL offers personalized vitamins and supplements delivered on the subscription terms. People receive a personalized programme and wellbeing package every month through the letterbox, accompanied by expert advice on vitamins and supplements. Supplements are non-GMO, non-fillers, bulkers, sugar, gluten, artificial colors, preservatives, and vegetarian/vegan friendly. 

Tests range in price from $60 to $135, and vitamins range in price from $14 to $30 or more. To order your DNA kits box you need to complete a quiz and create an account at Using test results and self-reported information from an intake quiz, the company says vitamins can be customized based on test outcomes and self-reported information. You can also choose a lab test to personalize your monthly box: 

– A Vitamin DNA Test analyzes a few SNPs and tells you if you have trouble absorbing 12 vitamins and minerals 

– DNA Nutrition Test includes 40 genetic traits in 6 categories 

– Vitamins & Cholesterol Blood Test examines 10 blood markers including vitamin D, iron, and cholesterol. 

Your subscription fee depends on the type of vitamin box you choose. 

Shipping terms 

As a UK-based company, Vitl delivers its personalized vitamin boxes across most of Europe, Australia and the USA. There are some test restrictions in the peculiar countries, so it is advisable to check the vitamins subscription services provided for your country at 

Delivery to UK-based customers usually takes 3 to 5 working days, whereas deliveries to European, US & Australian customers may take longer (7-10 working days). 

Is it possible to refund VITL vitamin subscription? 

You can refund VITL if it is not a personalized product (including Monthly Personalized Packs and The Essential One), but you are welcome to return all other products within 14 days, provided they are unopened and in good condition. You will receive a refund minus a restocking fee once VITL receive the product. 

How can I unsubscribe? 

Your subscription can be paused or canceled at any time by following the below given instructions: 

– log into the My Account section using the email you signed up with 

– click on the ‘Orders’ link under your name 

– either cancel or select how many weeks you’d like to pause your subscription. 

Your subscription will be paused or cancelled after you receive a confirmation email.