Cancel my The Runner Box membership

The Runner Box is an online service focused on support and professional assistance provided to athletes, triathletes and cyclists. The service delivers vitamins and fitness-based products bi-monthly. The aim is to improve your training, ricing and recovering by means of nutrition products and sport accessories. Each box contains 10 – 12 physical items. 

How it works 

To get a Runner Box delivery, you need to choose a suitable subscription plan. There are a few options to choose from: 

  • Pay-per-box subscription – $34/box – you are charged for the current box only; 
  • 6-month subscription – $30/box – pre-paid subscription for 3 boxes in total delivered bi-monthly; 
  • Annual subscription – $28/box – pay for one year upfront and get 6 boxes in total delivered bi-monthly. 

All the provided billing plans auto-renew at the end of the billing period. The Runner Box notifies its subscribers before the renewal though. 

Shipping Terms 

The boxed are shipped within the contiguous US with Ground Shipping. On average, the fee for delivery is $3/box. When shipping to the non-contiguous US (Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, or US Armed Forces locations), shipping is $6/box. 

Refund Policy 

A subscriber can exchange or return defective products. A refund is usually applied in the form of credits which are only available within 30 days past the date of charge. Shipping costs for the returned products are charged from the subscriber. 

How to stop my subscription 

You are charged automatically at the end of current billing period. To notify you about auto-renewal charges, the Runner Box usually sends a message with billing information and an option to stop your subscription in case yu don’t want to prolong it.  

In case you need to stop your ongoing plan, you can do it at 

  • Login to your Runner Box account; 
  • Select My Subscription; 
  • Choose the subscription you would like to stop; 
  • Press the Cancel button. 

If you need technical assistance, please reach out the customer support team at and initiate the cancellation procedure.