Cancel my Myavana membership

Myavana is an online hair expert team providing a hair care resources along with access to a club member community and hair expert consultations on the subscription bases. The services are online or via the Myavana application. The members of the community are women and the service claims that they gather like-minded people for communication and help. 

A monthly membership costs $19.99 per month and includes: 

  • Group hair consultations; 
  • Digital hair profile; 
  • Free mobile app subscription; 
  • Monthly product recommendations based on your Hair ID; 
  • Recommended professional hairstylist; 
  • Quarterly product samples; 
  • Exclusive hair care content; 
  • Exclusive invites as “in-studio audience” for upcoming MYAVANA TV shows; 
  • Monthly girlfriend groups for your hair & life journey; 
  • Weekly hair chats with experts; 
  • Monthly women’s wellness chats. 

There is also an option to choose a duration of your subscription: 

  • 3 months; 
  • 6 months; 
  • 12 months. 

Terms of Subscription 

After you have started your membership at Myavana, you get a free access to their application. You can also order a starting hair kit for personalized recommendations. Please, consider that the membership is auto-renewal, which means you will be re-charged at the end of the current subscription period. 

Refund Policy 

The information on the refund policy is not available at their official website. To claim for a refund try to reach the Myavana customer support team at or by filling the contact form Their working hours are Monday till Friday 10am – 5 pm. 

How to Stop Automatically Renewing Subscription. 

The online service doesn’t provide any information about the cancellation of the membership. To stop being billed for the services, please, follow the ongoing instructions: 

  1. Locate your profile page at the MYAVANA app; 
  2. Find the section about your plan details; 
  3. Stop your membership. 

In case the cancellation cannot be started via the app for some reasons, try to reach out to customer service.