Cancel My Membership Global Delights

What Is Delights Club?

Delights Club is a subscription service run by Global Delights, craft coffee roaster shop in Oregon. Subscribers receive a 1lb. bag of their favorite Global Delights coffee or coffee blend every month:

  • Organic Dark Roast;
  • Medium Roast Single Origin;
  • Organic Medium Decaf; or
  • Organic Medium Roast Coffee.

 Subscribers are up to choose the sort and the roast of coffee according to their favorite brewing method.

What’s Included In The Subscription Price?

Delights Club membership is monthly recurring. Once you purchase a subscription, your card gets charged automatically, without any notice.

Subscription Charges

The basic subscription fee is $18.00. This price includes the cost of the coffee bag and its delivery within the US via USPS Priority Mail.

Additional Costs

Subscribers are responsible for any customs fees and taxes that may occur based on their exact location. In addition, there’s an optional charity donation feature. The final subscription cost is calculated during sign up.

How To Stop The Recurring Charges?

Whenever you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will come into effect starting from the upcoming month. To avoid the future subscription charges, you need to cancel your subscription prior to the next billing date (all necessary information on the subscription cancellation procedure is given in the next section). In case you want to make a return or get a refund, email the Global Delights customer service at or simply call +1541-930-8866.

Subscription Cancellation Tips

  • To cancel your subscription, email Global Delights at
  • The cancellation process may require a tittle time. Try to send your request a few business days before the next subscription auto-renewal.
  • Don’t forget to mention your name and order details when you request the cancellation.
  • To make sure that your subscription has been successfully canceled, check your email for a confirmation notice.