Cancel my membership Gladtimes

The Costs and Benefits of Subscription 

Gladtimes is a monthly subscription service, offering premium access to its media collection for all subscribed members. A simple enrollment process allows you to access the service from any device of your choice. Members of Gladtimes note that the service has transparent and fair subscription terms. That means you can manage your subscription yourself. You can terminate your multimedia membership at any time, no matter if you subscribed accidentally or have other reasons to do so. We have a step-by-step guide that explains the cancellation process. 

How To Stop Your Subscription? 

It is your right to terminate your subscription contract at any time without extra payments. Upon unsubscribing, you will still be able to access Gladtimes for the remainder of the month you have already paid for. 

Use Your Client Account  

If you wonder how to remove a subscription by yourself, simply follow the instructions: 

  • Log in to your client account. 
  • Click My Account and go to the ‘Membership’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Membership’ button and take the suggested steps.

How To Refund Money 

For partial-month periods, Gladtimes states that payments are non-refundable. They may, however, offer you a refund at their sole discretion in certain cases. In order to determine whether you are eligible for a refund, you should leave a message no later than 60 days after the payment was made. 

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