How to refund Grunt Style

Grunt Style Club

Grunt Style is a t-shirt shop, that offers monthly and yearly memberships. Subscribing to Grunt Style you receive one new t-shirt with a unique design, meeting your size and style every month. In addition, subscribed members have access to exclusive items, take part in giveaways, and get discounts for all purchases in the shop.

Billing & Charges

Membership Price. There are two membership types (monthly and yearly), the pricing of which is based on the product size:

  • Ladies/ Male S-XL: $20.00/month or $216.00/year;
  • Ladies/ Male 2XL: $22.00/month or $240.00/year;
  • Male 3XL: $24.00/month or $264.00/year;
  • Male 4XL: $26.00/month or $288.00/year.

Delivery Fee. Grunt Style Club offers free shipping in the US for all membership programs. International, expedited or overnight delivery will be charged extra.

Billing Periods. The monthly subscription is charged only $1.00 for the first month and is rebilled on the 1st of each following month at a full price. The yearly subscription is billed once you check out. Both subscriptions renew automatically until canceled.

Membership Cancellation & Refund

Your membership can be canceled anytime, however, if you cancel early (for instance within the first 7 months of your monthly subscription commitment), you will be charged a fee of $25.00.

You can return your unworn Grunt Style T-shirts within 2 months from the delivery date and get fully refunded for them. Just call the service hotline: 1877-55-GRUNT or email the customer service at If your request is approved, the full amount of money (except delivery fees) will be charged back to your card.

How To Cancel Your Membership

To unsubscribe from Grunt Style Club:

  • Contact them by phone or email, mentioned in a previous section;
  • If on the phone, ask to talk to their representative;
  • Tell (orally or in writing) your reasons to cancel your membership; 
  • Give information, required by the customer support and 
  • wait for a confirmation email.