How to end my membership on KiloVPN

Want to end a free trial on and close your account? In this article, we give a review of the cancellation methods, helping you to choose the most appropriate option.

What is the monthly subscription?

KiloVPN belongs to the paid VPN services, using the subscription business model. According to this model, all users have to pay a recurring price every month to get access to the service. Right after the trial period, if not canceled, the membership plan comes into force and the fees start being charged. Those who don’t want to use KiloVPN anymore always wonder, “How do I end my membership”, so here are the answers.

How can I manage or delete my KiloVPN account?

If you want to consider your options, here’s how to end a free trial or cancel your membership:

  • in your account settings; or
  • with the help of customer support.

How to cancel my membership through my account?

Here’s how to end a free trial or cancel your membership while logged in to your account: 

  1. Locate the navigation bar and click ‘Account settings’; 
  2. Next to ‘Subscription type’ click ‘Cancel’;
  3. Read the information on the upcoming page and click ‘Continue to Cancellation’.

After that, you will be given instructions on how to complete the cancellation.

How can I contact the customer support service?

If you need assistance in membership cancellation, email and mentionEnd my membership” in the subject line. The KiloVPN service team will write you back and give all the necessary information. 

How can I make sure that my membership is canceled?

If the cancellation is successful, you will get the confirmation email. You can still log in to your account until the end of the month. Another option is to apply for a refund, but in this case, you will lose access to the service. If you need further information on how to end a free trial or how to get your money back, please call the following hotline numbers: +44-845-528-0373 or +1-347-688-7916.

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